During the past year Lisa has been working on a new body of work inspired by recent lifestyle changes and her ever growing consciousness about the world we live in and our environment. Lisa has been working on vintage maps to depict our changing landscapes and increasingly warmer world. She originally used shop bought inks and watercolour to create her art. During the development of her process she wanted to bring her artwork and the natural world closer together. This led her to foraging for colour and creating her own natural inks made from organic material collected from her travels in and out of the city. Lisa wanted to use a medium that is from the earth but also one that will change and adapt to its environment over time, like our world we live in today. The patterns created in her art are often a direct correlation between where the ink material is found and how Lisa feel’s about the place it came from.

What does Lisa want to say with her art?

Take the time to celebrate positive marks we make on the world. Challenge your perceptions and dare to make changes. Be conscious of the small things we sometimes miss. Admire the beauty in the detail.


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