Artist Statement

In January 2017 I decided I had to make a change to help our planet. I went vegan. My passion for this change has opened my eyes to a planet I didn’t know before; hidden away, a secret to be unearthed. I wasn't prepared for how it would impact my thoughts, feelings and interpretations of the world. It has transformed not only what I eat but every action I take. Crucially, it has redefined my art.

My abstract paintings are an interpretation of the relationship between people and place. A growing consciousness of the world has driven me to explore the use of art as tool to advocate change. The end goal being a healthier, more empathetic planet. I map routes, collect pigments from my travels and create watercolour from the earth. Paint foraged from the ground results in a deep forged connection between my art and the natural world. I want people to feel akin to my work, be it through colour, pattern, place or the meaning behind each piece.

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