The Window Gallery

The Window Gallery

We’ve all had a bit of a time of it recently with being stuck in lockdown madness and perhaps not working our normal jobs or doing the normal things we like to do. Personally, all of the exhibitions I had lined up have either been cancelled or postponed to later in the year or next year. This has left me with a lot of work knocking about in the studio with nowhere for it to go. Plus, with all this extra time I have on my hands I have been creating more new work than ever! 

So, a few weeks ago I decided I should utilise my big studio window and make my own little art gallery. It’s been fun seeing people coming to have a closer look at the pieces… some people run off when they see me in the studio catch their eye, like I might talk to them or something haha. Other people don’t mind at all have had a really good look at them. I find my work is hard to show in its true light online and it’s been great to show them off in the window so people can see the details in them up close, whilst still keeping socially distanced!

If you are interested to find out more about how I make my watercolours (I forage rocks and stones on my walks and crush them by hand…eventually making them into paint) check out the blog post below from my interview with MK Gallery earlier in the year. I talk in more detail about the process and the meaning behind my works.

I hope to see some of your lovely faces pressed up again my studio window taking a closer look at some of the work I have made. On Friday 17th July my art will be travelling up to Muswell Hill to go on display in the window of La Dinette. Following this my studio window will be adorned with with another local artists work, Taya De La Cruz (@handwrittenart)….I will post more about this soon but her work is really amazing and I’m excited to show it to you all!

Take Care

Lisa x

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